Get to Know Us

Crossroads is a spirit-filled, life-giving church that exists to serve the people of Johnstown and the surrounding area.

At Crossroads, we aren't only concerned about coming to a place called a church. We're passionate about living out what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ in everyday life. That means we focus on establishing a relationship with God and then demonstrating that unique relationship in real, others-centered ways, in our local area and beyond.

So we really do care about you and your life. Whether it's just beginning or is continuing, we desire to help you grow in your relationship with God.

What to Expect

Here are a few things that you'll find when you come to Crossroads:

  • Contemporary music.
  • Genuinely nice people.
  • Most will be in casual to business-casual attire.
  • A “message” or talk that explains the message of Jesus from the Bible in a way you can understand.

Here are a few things that you won’t find when you come to Crossroads:

  • Perfect people – nobody that comes to (or leads) Crossroads is perfect. That doesn’t mean that we’re not trying and progressing toward becoming more like Jesus – it just means that if you ever felt that your life could be better than what it is, you’ll be among friends here.
  • An expectation for guests to give money – we do not ask our guests (i.e. those checking out Crossroads) to give money in the offering. Those people who call Crossroads their church home, from a willing heart (it’s another one of those decisions), will likely give to financially support the church, but as our guest, we will not ask you to give money.
  • Boring church services – Crossroads is anything but boring. During the music, you’re invited to sing along, clap your hands, and enjoy the chance to actively think about what’s being communicated in the songs. The talk you hear each week will engage your mind and heart and will present the claims of the Bible in a relevant way.